Better Health Tai Chi Chuan – Canberra

Learn tai chi in a friendly and supportive environment.


Julie King

Julie has been teaching tai chi with Better Health Tai Chi Chuan for over 20 years.

Julie is a certified COVID Safe instructor.


Julie King


Intakes of new students:

Wednesday 10 January 2024

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis (Part 1) – an introductory Sun style set learned in 12 weeks
  • 24 Forms –Yang style beginners set taught over three 12-week terms.

Wednesday 3 April 2024

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis (Part 2) – an introductory Sun style set learned in 12 weeks

Wednesday 26 June 2024

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis (Part 1) – an introductory Sun style set learned in 12 weeks

Friday 12 January 2024

  • 42 Forms – An intermediate difficulty set taught over the full year.


All classes are held at:

Weston Neighbourhood Hall
Hilder St and Gritten St, Weston ACT 2611
(enter from Hilder St and turn into the parking lot on the right)


If you are new to Tai Chi, either Tai Chi for Arthritis or Tai Chi for Diabetes is an excellent introduction.

If you have some tai chi experience, or you are comfortable learning movement, 24 Forms is more challenging and takes three terms to learn.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi for Arthritis is based on Sun style tai chi which is characterised by light and lively stepping and a higher stance making it a particularly good style for those with joint problems.

Wednesdays 10:00am to 11:00am

Classes run:

  • Wednesday, 10 January 2024 to Wednesday, 27 March 2024
  • Wednesday, 3 April 2024 to Wednesday, 19 June 2024
  • Wednesday, 26 June 2024 to Wednesday, 11 September 2024

24 Forms

The world’s most popular Tai Chi form based on Yang style. Yang style is open, rounded and flowing. 24 Forms is suitable for almost anyone. Taught over three terms (10 January 2024 to 11 September 2024).

New class starting Wednesday 10 January 2024

Wednesdays 11:00am to 12 noon


42 Forms

42 Forms is the Combined International Competition set and contains a mixture of Yang, Sun, Chen, and Wu styles. Suitable for those with some Tai Chi experience, this set is taught over a full year.

Fridays 11:00am to 12 noon

New class starting Friday 12 January 2024.


For each 12-week term:

  • $180/$144 pensioner or senior

Your first lesson is a free trial.