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Come to join us celebrating this event on saturday 1st August 2015!


25 yrs

At the 25th anniversary celebration

3-5 pm for activities

6.30 pm for dinner


School Hall, St George Girls High School,
Victoria street, Kogarah (car park entry through Harrow Road)


  • Welcome

  • Slide Show

    sword at 1990

    The good old days at 1990

  • Demonstrations

Playing the Lute pose at the year 2015

Tai Chi for Arthritis
Supported by Arthritis Foundations around the world, recommended by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (, this program is easy and safe to learn, shown by medical studies to improve health and reduce the risk of falls. Based on Sun style, it is especially effective at healing and cultivating qi the vital energy.
Marta, John and friendsplay the lute

Tai Chi for Energy
This new energising program consists of the vigorous and sophisticated Chen style, together with the powerful Sun style to create an even more powerful synergetic energy. It will bring better health and wellness, more qi, and an improved ability to manage stress.
Janet and friends

carss park

Holiday practice at Carrs Park 2015

The 24 Forms
Suitable for people of almost any level of physical fitness and age, this most popular set contains all essential tai chi principles. Based on the Yang Style, it is gentle and graceful.
Pat and friends

Chen Style 36 Forms
Chen style contains slow and elastic movements as well as explosive force delivering punches and kicks, characterised by the mysterious core spiral force (chan suu jin, or silk reeling force).
Sybil and friends

    green shirts

    Better Health TCC instructors in 1992

Sun Style 73 Forms
Sun style Tai Chi contains unique and powerful Qigong (life energy) ideal for self-growth and healing. It is easier to learn and has great depth to be explored for a lifetime.
Fiona and friends

Wushu Sword
More info to come
Alice Dong

Tai Chi Fan
More info to come
Alice Yuan

carss park sword

Holiday practice at Carrs Park 2014

Chen 56 Forms
A complex and fun set to watch
Dr Paul Lam

  • Other entertainment

6.30 pm

Hurstville Chinese Restaurant (To be confirmed)
Enjoy a delicious banquet for $35 per head. Lucky door prizes!

Contact us at or 95336511

donnelery park

Practising at the Donnelly Park in Kyle Bay, Sydney