Barbara Grimley

I made my decision to join BHTCC in 1991, thus my Tai chi journey began & continues to grow into a ‘lifetime journey’. Tai chi has stood me in good stead over all these years in many ways. The joy of spreading the word, helping & sharing with others & the fulfilment this ancient art brings, is wonderful indeed. To be involved in teaching 24 Yang ‘beginners’ is inspiring & humbling, observing ‘beginner students’ at completion of their first year & returning the next year with enthusiasm to take them on their own tai chi journey hopefully throughout their lifetime. My favourite forms are 24 Yang & the combined 42 form, hard to pick a favourite form really they all have their own merits, when you are a tai chi ‘devotee’ you are completely focused, that is another wonderful benefit of tai chi, it is extremely beneficial for your mind.